Breeze Connector for eCopy

Stop paying big bucks to vendors.  Do It Yourself.  It's a Breeze!



 Empower your firm. Process documents in-house. Maximize your technology investments. The Breeze Connector for eCopy partners with eCopy to create Summation DII load files, create Concordance DAT load files, and create load files for TrialDirector, Sanction, and IPRO Viewer.  Use the Breeze Connector for eCopy to take scans from eCopy and create load file volumes to load into your database, produce to opposing counsel or archive off your network.

If you own Summation Breeze Connector for eCopy can place images into Summation cases in one step.  Sacn at the copy machine and the images is loaded directly into your summation case.  Wow, now that's a Breeze!

Batch Process

The Breeze Connector for eCopy can batch processes hard copy documents during the load file creation process.  Breeze software uses similar technology that your service bureau is using to allow you to insert barcode break sheets for batch scanning, performing OCR in batch and electronically bates stamp the images all during the load files creation process.

Customize Your Document Data

The Breeze Connector for eCopy allows the user the option to "code" documents at the point of scan in eCopy.  This helps to keep the documents organized once they are loaded.  Documents can be loaded to the Standard Form or eForm in Summation.  The Breeze Connector also creates a backup DII file in the output folder, just in case you need to reload your documents again later.

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