Make Litigation Support Software Work for You

How often does your firm outsource litigation document processing to a service bureau for production?

Have you added up those costs yet? If you're like most litigation firms, you're tossing out thousands of dollars daily or weekly for litigation-focused service vendors to scan paper documents, OCR, Bates number and create load files for your litigation database.

Law firms typically pass this cost onto the client – someone has to pay for it – and watch potential revenue walk out the door. Goodbye billable hours! It makes sense to do it yourself, right? Save money and time, increase billable hours and get the job done right.  But, do you really have options?

In the past, litigation support software and electronic discovery software solutions required to produce litigation documents were expensive and complicated. For all the money it costs to buy and implement the electronic discovery software, and then the time to learn the software, in-house document processing hasn’t been cost-effective.

That’s different now. Today, simple and affordable litigation support electronic discovery software is available to support existing hardware and process documents in-house. It’s about lifting the veil on an outdated, inefficient system. Firms can do it yourself with a few simple steps and innovative litigation support software, like those offered by Breeze.

Electronic discovery litigation cases involve hundreds, if not thousands, of documents in various forms: paper, PDF, JPEG, single-page TIF, etc. Firms must process each document and perform the following functions: scanning (if it’s in paper form), conversion to a standard format, Bates stamping, OCR and load-file creation. The new electronic data discovery software implementation and firm deployment can seem like a daunting task.  Breeze is different.

Do all this with Breeze e-discovery software:

  • Convert native files to TIF
  • Create Summation eDII file for native review
  • Create Summation DII load files and create Concordance DAT load files
  • Create OCR load files for Summation and Concordance
  • Convert CDs/DVDs of PDF files to Single Page TIF with load files, OCR, electronic Bates stamping and much more
  • Generate load files for Summation, Concordance, TrialDirector, Sanction and IPRO Viewer
  • Save time by batch processing; No more selecting one file at a time to convert!


Simple, right? In-house document production with easy-to-use litigation-support software has many benefits:

  • Saves time and money, even after factoring in the software cost.
    Breeze software is so easy to use, and most customers don’t need the free support and/or training Breeze offers.
  • Give firms the competitive edge.
    Get working documents when you need them, processed how you need them.
  • Check quality control.
    Do the work yourself and avoid those jobs-gone-wrong.
  • Increase billable hours.
    Bill clients "per click" or by the hour for litigation support services.

And, what about the deal-breaker? Return on investment. Forget high-cost, complicated litigation support software and the months of training required to use it. These outdated methods make your return on investment (ROI) more difficult to achieve. The initial cost of Breeze eDiscovery Suite is under $3,000.  Compare that cost to your last service bureau invoice.

You have other options now. One of them is Breeze software, a low-cost, intelligent investment that’s easy to use and requires very little training. So you’ll see that ROI right away.  Breeze software is the electronic discovery solution your firm has been looking for.  Do it yourself.  It’s a Breeze!

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