Pacer eFiling of IP Documents

When a mandate came down that eFiling of IP Documents had to be submitted in 10MB sets a Breeze Titan customer called looking for a solution.  Breeze has a tool that is perfect for automatically splitting large PDF documents into a specific size subset.  With Breeze PDF Splitter  set the size of your required upload from 1MB to 50MB.  The PACER system for eFiling is used by 350 different courts who dictate different upload sizes but with Breeze PDF Splitter eFiling is a Breeze.  The product is priced at only $49.00!  Order today!

New Support Resources Added to

We are pleased to announce two new support resource sections to's Support section.  The new "Document Resource Library" has a section for Breeze Images and a section for Breeze eDiscovery Suite.  Each section allows for easy access for the system requirements and user guides.  In addition, each section has whitepapers which outline the workflow for specific processes.  Whether you are new to Breeze or you consider yourself a Breeze pro, you can use the Document Resource Library to easily access Breeze support documents.

The second section that has been added to the Support section is the "Lit Support Resources" section.  This section has custom Breeze solutions that have been developed by Breeze users.  This section includes a custom designed Breeze Concordance Template which includes the metadata fields that Breeze saves into the Concordance DAT load file.  Enjoy our new resources.

Breeze Legal Solution's new native file processing application

The new Breeze eDiscovery Suite, released in August, allows users to process native files (such as Word, Excel, .PST and more). The Breeze eDiscovery Suite extracts metadata, all content and embedded objects from Native files; creates EDD Summation and Concordance load files; and converts images to TIFF with text and electronic bates stamps.  Load your documents for a native review using the eDII for Summation or the DAT for Concordance. Or, you can send the converted images as a production set to the opposing counsel.

Combined together for the first time, Breeze eDiscovery Suite has all the great new functionality of native file processing and the same powerful image processing of Breeze Images. Making it even easier to do it yourself!

We will have the same free 7 day trial available for you to try it for yourself. To get a free 7 day trial when we release, just let us know by sending  us an email to

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