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Breeze Electronic Discovery Solutions and Products

Breeze Legal Solutions is bringing electronic data discovery software to your desktop.  Breeze has developed e-discovery software which allows legal professionals to process electronic data discovery, image files, and hardcopy documents in-house.  The Breeze e-discovery software solutions we offer will help your firm increase billable hours, spend less money on document processing, and get your documents processed when you want them.

Stop paying big dollars to outside vendors.  Do It Yourself.  Let us show you how!

Breeze Docs

Breeze Docs is an easy to use full featured Case Document Management System. Get easy to use database coding & indexing features AND powerful full text OCR searching in one single application. Now you don't have to choose between three expensive products when Breeze Docs can do the same for you at 1/3 or less the price of the big three!

Breeze Titian eDiscovery Processing

Breeze eDiscovery SuiteBreeze Titian  electronic data discovery software allows users to process native files and embedded objects such as Word, Excel, Power Point, PST and many more.  Breeze Titian processes electronic data discovery by extracting metadata, converting native files to TIF, generating native Summation and Concordance load files, and much more.

Breeze Load File Connector 

summation connector for ecopy The Breeze Load File Connector for eCopy is installed on the eCopy ShareScan station.  As Breeze is running in the background, the end user is able to scan documents using eCopy, then load the documents directly into the selected Summation database. 

The Breeze Load file Connector comes complete with OCR and electronic Bates stamping.  The end user is able to chose whether to scan documents to Summation or use the Summation load file creator option to create a load file for Concordance,   Sanction, Trial Director or IPRO Viewer.

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