The Breeze Way

We’re not out to save the world. We just want to make it a little easier.

We offer affordable, user-friendly software so our clients can process documents in-house. Along with those tools, we provide to each customer the unmatched knowledge, support and education we’ve gathered by running a service bureau for several years now. We’ve been processing docs and images for that long.

Now, we’re sharing the insider knowledge. We’re leading the transition from outsourcing to in-house work. We’ll help you develop a transition plan that works specifically for your firm and its individual needs. Whatever it takes.

We simply want to empower you – all of our clients, actually – with the capability, comfort and freedom to process documents whenever and however they want to.

See, we established this entire company for one reason: to simplify your worklife. If we have one foundational philosophy, that’s it.

And if our founder and president Simon Aleman had one wish, he’d program Breeze to do all of the work – yours and ours. Then, we’d all go fly-fishing in the clean mountain air of Colorado. OK, that’s not practical, but we are.

So, we empower our clients with the knowledge and tools to make their work a little easier and their lives a little simpler. Plus, save some time and money.

We think our clients like that about us. But maybe you’d like to hear it straight from them.

Nobody tells our story better.

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