Government Agency Offices can get Breeze Titan and Breeze Docs at Large Discounts!

Government office locations can get seat licensing in bulk for substantial discounts.

Breeze is now only $800 per year!

The most affordable

Desktop eDiscovery, email conversion

and document conversion

solution on the market.

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Breeze eDiscovery Suite NOW Multi-core!

Just when you thought processing eDiscovery couldn't get any easier, Breeze Legal Solutions Releases Breeze 2core!  This 2core version has all the functionality of Breeze eDiscovery Suite with Breeze Images plus the powerfull through put of two seats of Breeze in one license.  Twice the power for the price of one so call today and let Breeze 2core blow you away. 

Breeze Docs

When reviewing and managing evidentiary documents you want SIMPLE, EASY and FAST!  Breeze Docs meets those criteria and more.  Flexible workstation and network licensing, Breeze Docs ushers in a next generation in case document management systems.  Add to all of this a pricing model that is 1/3 the price of current market leading products.  Government agency offices can get Breeze for almost free.  Contact Breeze to find out how.

Breeze Titan Multicore

Breeze has created the industries only Multicore eDiscovery processing software solution by opening up mutiple cores of your system at the same time. The Titan Multicore solution was made by combining Breeze Images, Breeze eDiscovery Suite, and Breeze Image Manager in one Multicore Product.  Find the needle in the haystack 2, 8 or even 16 times faster, get the edge with Titian Multicore.

Breeze Connector for eCopy 

This embedded connector works alongside eCopy ShareScan for customers who use Sumation, Concordance, Sanction and TrialDirector. Allows you to create extremely accurate OCR, Bates numbering, custom coding and parent/child relationships.  For users who own Summation, documents scanned on the eCopy ShareScan can be inserted directly into your Summation Database in one step.

Electronic Discovery is a Breeze

Try our free eDiscovery 7 day trial.  Click the free trial link!  Process native files (Word, Excel, PST, many more), create load files, apply a Bates Stamp, OCR, custom coding and batch-process documents at your desktop with a breakthrough, affordable electronic discovery software called Breeze. Image conversion and management, batch printing blow backsEasily turn documents into loadable formats for Summation, TrialDirector, Concordance, Sanction and IPRO. Stop paying big money to outside vendors. Empower your firm. It’s a breeze.


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